Thank you for inquiring about donations to Creation-Evolution Headlines.  For over 10 years, we have brought you timely, vital news stories about origins on a wide variety of topics, in a lively news-and-commentary format.

This volunteer service puts too much stress on too few people, and limits the technical capabilities we can offer that are expected on today‚Äôs websites.  There is much more that could be done.  Donations will make it possible for us to upgrade our website and offer additional resources.  They will allow us to organize the material for easier search and retrieval.  They will allow us to invite additional reporters to contribute and to join forces with like-minded ministries.

We had heard from a number of our readers that they would support this ministry financially if they could, but it wasn't until mid 2009 that we were able to get a donation service working on the website.  Right away, some faithful readers began sending in
contributions.  It was exciting to see the show of support, and we appreciate the good start, but much more is needed before
we can begin the upgrade.  If you have any suggestions for improving the donor service, please write our Feedback line

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